Our Vision

Voices for Racial Justice brings multiracial, multicultural experiences in working for racial, cultural, and economic justice together in a dialogue of mutual respect, passion, and movement-building. The many voices of our contributors reflect a community of leaders deeply engaged in organizing, research, policy, and the ways these strategies intersect.

We share a vision for a just society, where all members, regardless of race, culture, or class can participate fully in the benefits of our shared community.

Voices for Racial Justice is a blog managed and moderated by the staff at Organizing Apprenticeship Project.

Our Voices

Our bloggers include the staff at OAP and a multiracial, multicultural network of organizers, researchers, and other leaders in our community. Our voices reflect different experiences and generations, but a shared vision for equity. The burning question we all seek to answer is: how do we get there?

We welcome guest voices, whether expressed in writing, audio, video, or through visual arts, to share their stories of building equity in Minnesota and beyond. Subject matter includes the intersecting policies of access to education, housing, employment, wealth, health, transit, and civil rights – the many opportunities of which we all desire to be a part. We feature stories of on-the-ground community organizing, research and policy connections, and the power of bringing people together around a shared vision.

We value clear, concise expression that brings important stories and ideas to the world’s attention. OAP makes editorial decisions about content, style, and length, but the opinions expressed by guest bloggers are their own. We hope that by sharing multiple perspectives, including those not always heard in mainstream media, we can engage with each other authentically as the multiracial, multicultural community that we are.

For more information, please contact Vina Kay, OAP Director of Research and Policy.

Building a Just Minnesota

We have been telling our stories for a long time. At community gatherings, in coffee shops, on the bus, and in school. We want to keep stories alive, along with the power of information and data, in a space we can all share. Voices for Racial Justice seeks to bring these essential elements together for the sake of a more just Minnesota for all of us.

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