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Nationwide and here in Minnesota, we saw people of color come out to vote on Election Day and make important choices on how policies and representation will impact our state. Preliminary data suggests that over 322,000 people of color voted in the 2012 election, which amounts to about 11 percent of voters overall. The power of our voices is becoming increasingly clear, and will continue to impact policymaking on the local, state, and national levels.

This Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity looks back at the 2012 legislative session, but in doing so also looks forward. Many positive proposals for building racial equity did not progress in the last session, but the leadership in putting forward solutions is notable. Communities of color and all Minnesotans are paying attention to that leadership.

2012 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity

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  1. tifed3 says:

    Racial equity is a topic many find uncomfortable to discuss and there within that silence is where the inequity lies. Tracine Asberry exudes the presence of racial equality, the importance of education and the courage to create change within her dialog that speaks to us all. I regret that I missed this event and as a MPS substitute teacher

  2. tifed3 says:

    and as student of the Urban Teaching Program at Metrpolitan State University am anxious to advocate for racial equity.

  3. tifed3 says:

    It is early and I wrote this from my phone an obvious mistake because I
    sent on accident without proofread so please pardon my errors.

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