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Our voices were loud and clear on Election Day. Minnesotans joined across race, ethnicity, class, and experience to break down road blocks to full participation in community life. We said no to voter ID. We said no to marriage inequality. Our voices, one by one, came together with a clear message: the path to justice demands inclusion and equity for all of our diverse communities in the opportunities along the way.

Minnesota’s racial disparities in true access to good jobs, education, and health care challenge all of us. The disparate impact of the criminal justice system results in lifelong struggles to participate fully in community life. Structural barriers stand in the way of opportunity and are undermining the prosperity for our growing communities of color and for all Minnesotans.

But solutions exist, and we can build a better path. The 2013 Racial Equity Agenda sets out some of those solutions, bringing multiple voices together through organizing and policy priorities with a shared vision and strategy for racial justice. The path is long, but together we are building it, stone by stone.

2013 Racial Equity Agenda

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